3_rubros33No one is perfect. We were all young at one point in our lives and have made mistakes.  Sometimes the only difference between you and your child in the system is that you were lucky enough not to have been caught. Juvenile Defense Attorney Ron Baum understands that kids need a second chance. He will go above and beyond the secure your child’s future.

Part of being young is making mistakes and learning from them.  Unfortunately when a person is young, some of these mistakes can carry life-long consequences.


If you have or know of a child seeking to retain the services of an experienced South Florida juvenile defense lattorney, let me, Ron L. Baum, offer my assistance. I have been serving as an experienced South Florida criminal attorney for the over 28 years.

Whether it is a lapse in judgment or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a juvenile criminal defense lawyer I am always looking into deeper issues when it comes to children.

When you retain my services, I will conduct an in-depth interview with the child to analyze any signs of a troubled childhood, problems with drugs, peers, bullies, authority figures, or anyone or anything else that is bothering the child.

I am an experienced South Florida juvenile defense attorney who truly cares for the children I represent and want to make a positive difference in their lives.

Whenever a juvenile is charged in South Florida, it is my duty as a juvenile law attorney to examine all of the facts. Not only does this give the court a better understanding of the child, but by examining the child’s domestic situation as well as other childhood incidences, we maybe able to achieve a favorable result, or treatment plan that can be of great help to the child.

I believe every juveniles deserve a second or even a third chance.

I do not believe in the concept of “bad children;” every child is inherently good. However, certain circumstances cause them to act a certain way. Most of the time when they are lashing out at the world negatively, it is secretly a cry for help. When dealing with a juvenile law criminal case, I will make sure that the judge and prosecutors all look at the case from this perspective.